Expert advice for every farmer

Scalable agronomic advisory for African agribusinesses working with smallholder farmers.

Get the benefits of improved agronomic practices across your farmer network.

Increased yields

Tailored advice can significantly increase volumes available for processing, increasing cost efficiency.

Improved quality

With individual advice, monitoring and training, each field can produce better quality output, improving profit margins.

Enhanced loyalty

As a valuable part of aggregator bundled services, our service reduces sideselling and increases retention.

Virtual Agronomist

Using Virtual Agronomist your field agents can provide individually tailored advice to your entire farmer network.

Based on soil nutrient status, local knowledge of yields, farm history, forecasts, economics and the best scientific knowledge of the crop and region, you can have the benefit of an agronomist visit for every field.

Scientifically based

Tailored advice for every field

Cost effective

Easy to use with minimal training

open data

field-level soil map for Africa.

We've built the first field-level soil map for Africa, with 20+ soil properties estimated at 30m resolution for the entire continent.

This open resource is used globally by researchers, startups, agribusiness and governments to produce advisory and analysis, and it powers Virtual Agronomist to allow advice to be given with or without a soil test.

A living resource

We've designed iSDAsoil for rapid updates and continuous improvement. Do you have African soil data that could be used to improve these maps? Get in touch!

Open for sustainability

iSDAsoil is open data - free for all and our methodology is public, it's our way of giving back to the whole ecosystem.

Our users are our biggest fans.

Don't take our word for it, listen to what real users are saying.

“I am very impressed by what Virtual Agronomist is able to do, what it's able to pick up, what it's able to recommend. I think it will really benefit our farmers and even our agronomists.”

Muhia, Coffee Agronomist, Kenya

“Virtual Agronomist has helped 90% of our farmers increase sunflower yields, with an average increase of 70%, we don't normally see sunflower heads this big.”

Sam Chutto, Sunflower Agronomist, Tanzania

No upfront cost. Priced per farmer per season.

We don't charge for customisation and setup, so our success is tied to your long-term use and scale-up.

Your farmers, your relationships, your branding.

Advisory is delivered as part of your package of services, not as a separate project or product.

Continuous improvement

We're constantly evolving our offering to provide more value, based on customer feedback and new technological advances.

Advisory that fits right in

You have a business to run, and our proven system is designed to be part of it.

We work with your team to design field agent training specific to your business, and customise the advisory for your unique context.