The first field-level soil map for Africa

We've built the first field-level soil map for Africa, with 20+ soil properties predicted at 30m resolution for the entire continent.
Our development process applies predictive machine learning technology using data from over 130,000 soil samples, much of it based on years of research by the African Soil Information Service (AfSIS) and other soil data resources.


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We’ve designed iSDAsoil maps for rapid updates and continuous improvement. Do you have African soil data that could be used to improve these maps? Get in touch!

Data Contributors

We are grateful to all partners listed below, who have contributed data to iSDAsoil. We are especially indebted to all partners involved in the AfSIS project. Without this groundbreaking work, iSDAsoil would not have been possible.

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Technical Information

How were these maps made? Welcome to this brief guide on the work behind our mapping technology. We...

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iSDAsoil on the AWS Registry of Open Data

This page contains information about how to access the iSDAsoil data hosted on the AWS Registry of...

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Open access soil data for Africa

As part of our commitment to open access data, we are maintaining a soil analysis dataset for...

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