AgroCares is a hi-tech agricultural services provider operating in both Europe and East Africa. Its next-generation offerings include services to help customers achieve optimal soil fertility, livestock feed choices and crop monitoring, as well as products to collect, analyze and implement digital data on crucial farming variables such as soil nutrients. AgroCares is providing iSDA with the spectral devices being deployed in our pilot projects, along with technical training and support. AgroCares, founded in the Netherlands in 19XX, headquartered in CITY under CEO Henri Hekman.


The Women Farmers Association of Kenya (WoFaAK) is the national umbrella organization of women farmers in Kenya. WoFaAK is a non-political, non-government and non-religious member based organization, formed in 2017. The association provides the women farmers of Kenya with a platform to articulate issues affecting them in agriculture. The goal of WoFaAK is to address issues that impede women farmers from undertaking both profitable and sustainable agricultural enterprises with a view to improving their livelihoods.


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