Launch of Global Crop Nutrient Databases

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On 6th September 2022 a landmark new open data crop nutrition platform will launch. A partnership of the Consortium for Precision Crop Nutrition, global research institutes and agtech companies like iSDA, the first outputs will be two databases focused on crop nutrition.

The databases will serve as a valuable open resource for agriculturual researchers and those in industry conducting field trials on soil fertility and crop nutrition. Users can both contribute to and benefit from the shared datasets, allowing critical data to be shared amongst researchers and commercial companies. The databases have already produced rapid results, including a published paper that estimates nutrient use and storage in maize.

Global Crop Nutrient Removal Database

The Global Crop Nutrient Removal Database is an open, comprehensive database of crop nutrient concentrations under an array of production and environmental conditions to determine the total amount of nutrients removed from the field in the harvested portion of the crop. This database concentrates on nutritionally and industrially important crops, with data on nutrient concentrations, crop yield, residues, and other associated data from those experiments gathered from a wide range of researchers and institutes.

The information collected via this database will be invaluable in improving our understanding of ongoing trends in crop nutrient uptake and removal. This will make it easier to create decision support systems to determine how to optimize crop production in a sustainable way, under changing environmental conditions, ultimately facilitating positive long-term changes in how these processes are managed across the industry.

Achim Doberman, Chief Scientist, IFA

Nutrient Omission Trial Database

The Nutrient Omission Trial Database enables researchers to compare fertilizer crop nutrient concentration requirements across different production environments. This comprehensive database includes different data sets from multiple sources and has been enriched with site-specific data, such as weather and geospatial information on soils, crops, and other relevant attributes.

The data we’re able to collect via this platform is a critical enabler to our digital advisor for smallholders, Virtual Agronomist. We are delighted to see the community coming together to create a shared resource which will elevate what’s possible across the whole ag-tech ecosystem.

Jamie Collinson, CTO, iSDA

This is only the beginning

We are proud to be a coordinating partner on this project, have contributed our existing data and will continue to contribute in the hope that we can create a common basis for everyone to build upon.

We invite everyone with agronomic data to join the effort!

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