Remote Sensing Covariates

Climate and land data derived from Sentinel, MODIS, Landsat and SRTM satellites.

Africa Soil Profiles Database

Historic and Field Collected Soil Profile Data.


250m spatial predictions of multiple soil properties for the African continent at two to six standard soil depths.


Reliable and secure cloud-based database of VNIR soil information, with an easy-to-use web interface. Upload data off-site with automated input validation that supports native spectroscopy formats.


Use the combined power of crowdsourcing and machine learning to identify different land uses and classify terrain maps.


Design randomised sampling strategies that minimise transport costs.


Easily upload sampling strategies for large-scale field surveys to your Android phone, with automated support for a wide range of essential data including georeferences, timestamps, pictures, barcode scanning, caching until wifi returns, and scalable geospatial visualizations and fraud detection.


Collect UAV imagery that will lead to automated assessment of crop distribution, human settlements, carbon storage, erosion, livestock, temperature, water, etc. Provides additional basemaps for Geosurvey crowdsharing of UAV data!


Automatically create barcodes and QR codes that include a geo-reference, soil depth and time.


Visualize and download maps of remote sensing data and newly generated predictions of soil chemistry.

Bush Navigation

Navigate more efficiently through the wilderness with GPS-based grid locators and operations research tools.


Upload spectroscopy measurements to predict concentrations of critical nutrients and trace elements in the soil by leveraging the Bayesian Additive Regression Trees (BART) algorithm, which couples estimates with statistically backed uncertainty measurements.

GitHub Repository

We are in the process of building our GitHub repository. For now, we have linked all the relevant AfSIS projects here.


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