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Advice tailored for

See the benefits of improved agronomic practices across your entire farmer network.

left: normal farmer practice, right: Virtual Agronomist advisory

Introducing tailored advice for your farmer network, step by step

Get in touch for a demo

We start with a demonstration of the system for you and your staff, so that you can see how it will work for you and your business.

Local tailoring

By speaking with local agronomists and other experts, we tailor the system for your local value chain, prices, crop varieties, input availability and more.

Roll out to farmers

We work with you to train your field agents to use Virtual Agronomist and begin rolling it out to your farmer network, expanding reach and results season-on-season.

Putting knowledge
in your hands

Using Virtual Agronomist your field agents can provide individually tailored advice to your entire farmer network.

Based on soil nutrient status, local knowledge of yields, farm history, forecasts, economics and the best scientific knowledge of the crop and region, you can have the benefit of an agronomist visit for every field.

Scientifically based

Tailored advice for every field

Cost effective

Easy to use with minimal training

Benefits for farmers and your business

With improved agronomic practices, everyone benefits from greater yields and profits.

Increased yields

Improved quality

Enhanced loyalty

Speaks your language

Virtual Agronomist is locally tailored for each customer, to give better advice for your context, and to make sure it's simple to use.

Available in 3 languages (English, Kiswahili and French), with more to come

Change your currency or set a custom exchange rate at the tap of a button

Multiple unit options for viewing weights, areas and yields

Our users are our biggest fans.

Don't take our word for it, listen to what real users are saying.

“I am very impressed by what Virtual Agronomist is able to do, what it's able to pick up, what it's able to recommend. I think it will really benefit our farmers and even our agronomists.”

Muhia, Coffee Agronomist, Kenya

“Virtual Agronomist has helped 90% of our farmers increase sunflower yields, with an average increase of 70%, we don't normally see sunflower heads this big.”

Sam Chutto, Sunflower Agronomist, Tanzania

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